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Icon 360 Desktop


©2009 ~ncrow

Autor: ncrow
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It's a amazing program for theming desktop. very useful for those who do not have enough space on your desktop! 😀
!!!TIFF file can be scaled to any size, because it contains all the elements in the vector path!!!
Sizes: 256x356, 96x96, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 & 16x16 px.
Done with PhotoshopCS3
Download & Enjoy! 😀 Thank you all!

Antivirus 360 PNG Icon


©2009 ~ShadowLights

Autor: ShadowLights
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Needed this to create my Geek Squad vs AV360 wallpaper since I obviously wasn't going to install the program .___.
But since it was finished, I'm going to let you all have the png file to use for practical jokes and what not. If it gets popular enough, I may just put together a collection of other common Malware icons 😉

Rip 360

Rip 360

©2008 generic cialis 5mg ~jasonh1234

Autor: jasonh1234
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Mac format icon and .PNG