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w810 Dock icon

w810 Dock icon

©2008 ~3nc

Autor: 3nc
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thanx to Christina 4 sony ericsson logo


Red Nokia 6300 icon

Red Nokia 6300 icon

©2008 ~3nc

Autor: 3nc
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Linux distro’s glossy icons

Linux distro\'s glossy icons

©2008 ~3nc

Autor: 3nc
Rozmiar: 2.9 MB
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512 * 512 & 256 * 256 & 128 *128 => png
64 * 64 => ico


Spiffy icon pack v1.3 – Final

Spiffy icon pack v1.3 - Final

©2007 ~Balling

Autor: Balling
Rozmiar: 3.3 MB
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Iconpack inspired by ~RuizDesign's iPhone icons.
54 Icons in the pack so far.
To me, this pack is now complete. You're still welcome to come with suggestions but, for a while at least, I'm going to move on with something different.
It has been a blast doing these and I guarantee you that this will not be my last icon pack.
The following programs are featured:
*Adium - Fully compatible, with status icons
*Adobe Acrobat
*Adobe Acrobat distiller
*Adobe Bridge
*Adobe Dreamweaver
*Adobe Flash
*Adobe Illustrator
*Adobe InDesign
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adress Book
*Bluetooth (new in v1.3)
*Google Earth (new in v1.3)
*iCal - Updateable, to show current date
*iTunes (alternative icon)
*Skype (new in v1.3)
*StuffIt Archive Manager (new in v1.3)
*Stuffit DropStuff (new in v1.3)
*Stuffit Expander (new in v1.3)
*System Preferences
*Toast (new in v1.3)
*VLC Player