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Aero Live Folder icon 5 colors


©2009 ~RajTheeban95

Autor: RajTheeban95
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Hi !
This is some icons (.ico and .png) you can use to customise your folders, instead of the yellow color by default
3 types of icons:
Closed folder : when you create a new folder; for empty folder
Back and Front icons: for any folder you created with files
Folder data: for folder by default with data
Each types of icons includes icons with 5 colors: Grey, Blue, Green, Red and Purple, for all tastes
Finally you can find each icon in .ico and .png format
You can use them with IconPackager for example
Made with Photoshop CS3
Converted with ToYcon
Voilà enjoy
Please visit my gallery for others deviantarts
+fav and comments are welcome

5 free icons


©2009 ~DoudouAiYuyu

Autor: DoudouAiYuyu
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You can use these icons on DOCK or web 🙂

User 5 Icons

©2008 ~golosiy

©2008 ~golosiy

Autor: golosiy
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User 5 Icons Brought to you by Gstudio - Art & Design

Game Pack 5

Game Pack 5

©2007 ~3xhumed

Autor: 3xhumed
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© 2007 by Exhumed - [link]