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Show Desktop – Icon

Show Desktop - Icon

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This has been on my Hard Drive for over a month and I'm finally getting around to releasing it. What we have here is a nice new replacement icon for the Desktop icon. I always thought the XP desktop icon was nice...but I didn't like that they thought it had to be at an angle. It worked fine at an angle, except for the 16x16 icon size. This was especially glaring to me since the "Show Desktop" icon is all that I have in my QuickLaunch toolbar (I use the start menu and ObjectDock for everything else)
I felt it should be flat and should incorporate my standard filetype icon for the document. I liked the symbolism of the desktop for the desktop icon and drew heavy inspiration from the old 16 color Windows 9x desktop icon.
It didn't take that long to make as it was pretty simple and the document and pen were made for other projects and simply applied to this one. The longest part was rendering all of the different sizes since I (and hopefully every iconist worth his salt) do not believe in simply resizing the 256x256 size down to the smaller sizes without significant retouching and simplification.
Let me know if you think this would be a good dock icon too. I don't have Show Desktop on my dock (since I use it in my QuickLaunch) so I didn't do one, but it would be rediculously simple to do if someone wants it.
Sizes: (Same as all my icons)


OpenOffice.org Dichromatic

OpenOffice.org Dichromatic

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OpenOffice.org is an free and open source office suite that you can find at http://www.openoffice.org for download. Its interface is reminiscent to that of Office 2003, Office XP, and the like, as opposed to the Ribbon interface of Office 2007.
I made this set last night after finishing off a Writer icon (shown at the left - the blue one) that I started working on in Computer Science after dying on Starcraft.
Starcraft sucks when you get Zergling Rushed. Badly.