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Abyss Icons

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as i mentioned in my journal, this project was abandoned, but these are the icons i have completed! the applications and folders i dont think you'll be disappointed with, as i took all my time and poured all my effort into those, the file formats and extensions were when i began to loose my concentration on them so i hope you still like them!

i hope i get a good response from these, but i'd understand if not. released under creative commons so they can be redistributed only if credits are given. They're not to be modified or used for commercial use.

note: those in the preview are NOT all that is included. it is just a preview of each "section". more are included!

please full view the preview. and please keep negative feedback to a minimal, should you really feel the urge to give any 🙁

support me by watching me, fav'ing this work, dropping me a comment below, donating points or giving me a llama if you havent already 😀 thanks!

credit to ~artbees for the 3D box generator!