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Science and Alcohol

Science and Alcohol

©2008 ~GoSco

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An erlenmeyer flask and a pint of beer.
That goes well.
I nearly didn't release these 2 as I don't like them. Its hard to draw glass. The beer is ok but The flask is lame imo.


CS3 Work Folders

CS3 Work Folders

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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I stand by my idea of sharing knowledge for those who have to study knowledge up and close, I spend much of my time to create templates, sources and free give-away's
For all that time I spend in designing and sharing my knowledge I just ask a small thing in return... That would mean commenting or set this deviant to your favorite when downloading.
It's just a second of your time and for me it's showing me your recognition to my work.
Regretfully many web users just download everything they find and leave no comment or even leave a note.
So for those, please favorite it when downloading and/or using the source. (It's just a second of your time)

In these modern days many people use a combination of different files on their hard drive and with over 250 Gig and millions of files it's getting harder to track you files back. So here is a little help for you to recognize your folders in the adobe style icons.
All images are in *.PNG format and vary in ranges from 256, 128, 96, 64, 32 & 16 pixels. Also included are *.ico (win) & *.icns (mac)
included folders:
Ac (3 versions), Ae, Ai, Au, Aw, Br, Cf, Co, Cp, Di, Dw, En, Fb, Fh, Fl, Fm, Fw, Fx, Gl, Ic, Id, Jr, Lc, Lr, Pm, Pr, Ps, Sb, Vc, Adobe, digital edition, Extention Manager, Adobe Update,
1. When using this template, post copyright for this source in your project (Including author name and link).
2. Do not sell or redistribute this file without my permission.
3. Downloads, sharing can only be done through this website [link]
4. When you use this design in your project, leave a comment on this deviant with link to project please.
5. All other rules that are stated in the "Creative Commons Licence" ([link])
Copyright. Le Marquis