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ios 7 icons #5


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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: dtafalonso
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...............................................More Icons.................................................................

android kitkat : fav.me/d6udfqj

ios 7 iconpack-1 : fav.me/d6mg06c

ios 7 iconpack-2 : fav.me/d6rpvt0

ios 7 iconpack-3 : fav.me/d6tkkis

ios 7 iconpack-4 : fav.me/d6sa3ix

iWork ios 7 :  fav.me/d6mg5e5

iLife ios 7    :  fav.me/d6mg4qj



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Mini OS Icons

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When it comes to user interface design, we need our icons to be relatively small, clear and yet descriptive. There is no place for text or complex design and that’s exactly where tiny icon comes in.

The package includes 4 operating system icons (available in raster PNG and vector format SVG, PDF) for general web design such as: eCommerce sites, administration panels, web statistics, and CMS applications. Mini OS Icons are designed at 12×12px with transparent background, which is suitable for footer or navigation bar.


Android Market Icon

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Autor: thiago-silva
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Hey, that's a icon that i have for some time, but didn't release it until now.

PSD is in package (!!!!) so use it as you want.

Some rights reserved, of course.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.


Android: Weather Extended

Autor: bharathp666
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Android Weather Icons

~Android Weather Extended Icons~
(-on Request)

- 4 icons, 480*480 pixels
- 3 Wallpapers (to represent time of the day), 1920*1080 pixels
- PNGs and PSDs

License: There is no license attached to this work. You are free to use them with or without modification.


White Android Icon

Autor: impopo
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White Android Icon.
512 / 256


Codex Icons for Android

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Autor: whiterabbit007
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I created these for my Nexus One, though being just PNGs they can be used anywhere obviously. I made two versions of them - with and without reflections. There are 26 icons of each version, they are 72x72 pixels.

You can also download the full PSDs for these at [link]
All the layers, shapes and effects are intact so you can resize them to whatever you need, or modify them in any other way.


Android Mega Pack

Autor: Champi-Design
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This is the last pack and a suite to my other android pack of 30 icons

that you can download here : [link]

just for fun i have add 17 android emoticons ^^

Please, if you use the icons thank you to appoint me in the comments and let me know so I can see your deviation thanks 😀



Android OS Icons — Black box

Autor: Faychen521
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download in 48PX png


Android: Folders

Autor: bharathp666
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Android : Weatherbug Elite
(on special request)

- Contains Templates and Poster

For more android icons:
Set 1 - [link]
Set 2 - [link]