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Ubunto 10 icon

Autor: simobortolo
Rozmiar: 2.0 MB
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Titolo: “UBUNTO 10 ICON”
Release “1.0”
Descrizione “Ubunto 10 icon, 45 icon ICO (WIN), 45 icon PNG”
Credit “Nitnerolf [link])- ” (30 icon)

ATTENZIONE!! AGGIORNAMENTO FREQUENTE: questo pacchetto di icone è soggetto ad aggiornamento frequente, quindi se vi piacciono controllate se avete l'ultima versione!!!!

WARNING! FREQUENT UPDATE: This icon package shall be updated frequently, so if you like check if you have the latest version!!


Android Application Icons Set

©2010 ~bharathp666

Autor: bharathp666
Rozmiar: 1.8 MB
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All Icons created from scratch.(PSD files for the icons will be uploaded soon along with templates of android GUI)
Feel free to use them 🙂 .


Application Icon Set


©2009 ~precisionone

Autor: precisionone
Rozmiar: 9.6 MB
Pobierz: Download

33 cartoon style application icons in both windows and mac formats.

iChad PNG Application Pack 1

iChad PNG Application Pack 1

©2008 `chadamus

Autor: chadamus
Rozmiar: 5.7 MB
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iChad Icons - PNG Application Pack #1
Just my turn at imitating the Apple® iPhone™ icons that seem to be so common these days... Figured I should probably come out of Skinner Retirement every now and then.
This icon pack contains 256x256 PNG for the following applications:
Internet Explorer
Windows Messenger
Messenger Plus
Nero Burning ROM
Nero Showtime
Nero Vision
All icons, where applicable, are available in the following colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Brown, Aqua and the bonus dAGreen!
This pack contains 111 PNG files.
Requests for additional icons can be made here: [link]
All are 256x256 PNGs usable for a variety of Dock programs and work well for customizing Leopard as well.
iChad Icon Packs Available:
ICO Packs:
* iChad ICO Text Pack 1 - 28.9Mb - 260 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Text Pack 2 - 29.0Mb - 260 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Text Pack 3 - 25.8Mb - 230 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 1 - 28.3Mb - 248 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 2 - 28.8Mb - 254 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 3 - 28.2Mb - 248 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Application Pack 1 15.2Mb - 111 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Folder Pack 1 - 19.1Mb - 180 ICOs - [link]
PNG Packs:
* iChad PNG Text Pack 1 - 28.4Mb - 750 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Filetype Pack 1 - 34Mb - 750 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Application Pack 1 - 6Mb - 111 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Folder Pack 1 - 7.2Mb - 180 PNGs - [link]


Icons. CAD Application

Icons. CAD Application

©2008 ~KriGH

Autor: KriGH
Rozmiar: 42.9 KB
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It was started as calendar icon. At the end i decided it will be look better as something like CAD application icon 🙂
Enjoy ^___^


Flickr Uploadr Repl. – Win

Flickr Uploadr Repl. - Win

©2007 ~RuizDesign

Autor: RuizDesign
Rozmiar: 130 KB
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New icon for Flickr Uploadr application. Hope you like it 😀

CS3 for Leopard v1.2

CS3 for Leopard v1.2

©2007 ~LeoNico

Autor: LeoNico
Rozmiar: 5.3 MB
Pobierz: Download

Application and folder icons for your Creative Suite 3. 13 .icns files (all 512x512px) and another 13 .png files (again, 512x512px).
Enjoy! 😛
Update: Requested Fireworks and Bridge icons added.

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

Autor: deleket
Rozmiar: 22.1 MB
Pobierz: Download

Software and application icons for your dock or desktop. Style inspired by rokey's smooth metal pack. I just did a similar rotation and black outline, and added my own style. 111 total icons. The biggest pack i made so far. Both for PC and Mac
Rokey's Smooth Metal Icons [link]

xTorrent Replacement Icons

xTorrent Replacement Icons

Autor: GabrielGranas
Rozmiar: 243 KB
Pobierz: Download

The set includes an application icon and a filetype icon 🙂