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Sims 3 Icon


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Wow I still hate deviantart for the way they treat pngs...it's brutal.
Well, I got the game. and it is AWESOME. But I didn't like the icon much, so here's another one. Enjoy.
NOTE: Be sure to click the DOWNLOAD link to get the icon. Icons can be used for both shortcuts and docks so I recommend that one!

Adobe Master Collection Icons


©2009 ~Augermage

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.:: UPDATE ::.
Added in All Adobe icons! Only cause I really had nothing else to do lol
Well, here's something awesome. I got really bored and so I decided to make some new Adobe dock icons! The previous ones were ok but these...well these are just so much better. This RAR features 256x256 PNGs and ICOs of the icon types shown in the preview. As for right now, they're only icons for the Adobe CS4 Design Premium but I hope to add the others in later. Also, there is an included preview of the AdobeBlox icons that I'm currently working on, and will release seperately within the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!
P.S. For some reason when the box pngs are made smaller, the dark lines disappear...If anyone knows a way to fix this, please let me know. The icons, however work flawlessly.

AdobeBlox CS4 Icons


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Finally! I've been wanting to finish these for quite a while, but haven't had an ample amount of time to do it. I'm glad I was able to get these done and now I can finally move on to other things. Wowza, these things look awesome. I impressed myself!
Faves & comments are very much appreciated and thank you all for your support!