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©2008 ~PraX-08

Autor: PraX-08
Rozmiar: 2.2 MB
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11 PNGs made for Avedesk, Object Dock or other similar applications. Made in support with catalin [link] Hope you all enjoy this release. Please leave a comment or +fav if you like this release... 😀


Tango Dock AveDesk Icons

Tango Dock AveDesk Icons

©2007 ~FabiusMcKnight

Autor: FabiusMcKnight
Rozmiar: 1.0 MB
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Here i have create some Icons for my Dock and my AveDesk.
This Icons came as Png format and have a Size of 256x256.
This Pack Includes 32 Icons. Only Drivers and Folders.
These Icon are original form Tango Freedesktop [link]
I hope you like them!?
Comment are still welcome. 😉

AveDesk 1.3

AveDesk 1.3

Wersja: 1.3
Licencja: Freeware
Rozmiar: 5.7 MB
Strona producenta: Odwiedź
Pobierz: Download

Narzędzie to pozwoli dodać naszemu pulpitowi całkowicie nowy wygląd. Program ten umożliwi dodanie wielu wbudowanych mini aplikacji, oraz nadanie naszemu systemowi całkowicie nowego i w pełni personalizowanego wyglądu. Aplikacja ta posiada potężną bazę gotowych skórek i tematów dla systemu Windows.

Aero Icons and PNG’s

Aero Icons and PNG's

Autor: Josephs
Rozmiar: 7.0 MB
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The Aero Icon Set comes with over 150 images at a whopping 7mb filesize! (sorry 56k'ers). There should be an Icon folder, a PNG folder and a Readme in the .zip. You could use these Icons to compile your own IconPackage if you do not use IconPackager, as I have already made my own here: [link]
You Get:
- 256x256 PNG Images
- 32x32 to 255x255 WindowsXP Format Icons
Only use these icons for your own use please. I find the 256x256 PNG's are useful for applications such as ObjectDock and AveDesk Shortcut Desklets. All I can really say now is Enjoy!

Q’s Vista Mail Icons

Q's Vista Mail Icons

Autor: webtrance
Rozmiar: 233 KB
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September 4th, 2005 Vista Recycle bin here: [link]
Qx9 Vista mail icons. My Vista Wallpapers: [link]
Size: 16x16 to 128x128 XP style icons. 256x256 .png icon included. Use .png icon with Avedesk of Object dock, or your favorite dock program.