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Pixel Icons

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Pixel Icons

The 2nd Version here : [link]
The 3rd Version here : [link]
A pack of 6 squared icons in 32 px and 48 px

- Bag
- BluePrint
- ChalkBoard
- IPhone
- Folder
- Mail

I hope you will like


Shopping bag icon – WD1


©2009 *LazyCrazy

Autor: LazyCrazy
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This time it's only one png icon, but it have 3 colors of ribbon handle and 5 sizes.
I decided to do new icon series but this collection is called "weekly delicious", which means will be new icon every week, so here is №1 - shopping bag, it's easy in photoshop to change colors of ribbons so shopping bag will fit in your design. Add logo or company style graphic elements on it and it will fit anywhere
I have a lot projects in e-commerce design lately and i;ve been noticed paper shopping bag look more gentle than simple plastic cart :[
You can use it in your design and commercial works, if you going to sell your template or design work including this icon inside, you must provide URL to the original source . [link] or this link from DA
BONUS!!! for those who like different versions, like white bag and black handle or textures and different colors - check this link -> [link]