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Token Battery Docklet Icon

Autor: bubel88
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Icons for RocketDock's docklet Battery Meter Docklet.

In package you will find 10 icons of battery and charging icon(can be useful in other dock) and .dll file for docklet and short readme.txt describing how to use it.

All icons made by me.
I didn't make the .dll file. I'm not sure who made it there is so many copies over the net with same .dll file.

Here is a preview when the icon is placed in dock [link]

RocketDock can be downloaded from [link]

Token idea: [link]



Battery ico for RocketDock

Battery ico for RocketDock

©2008 ~MrStylo

Autor: MrStylo
Rozmiar: 1.0 MB
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icons for battery meter plug-in for rocket dock
11 icons
512x512 px
*specially donate for my friend ~apendix*


Karbon 1.0

Karbon 1.0

Autor: dpzo
Rozmiar: 658 KB
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Karbon was born!
This is a brand new set of me. In this set, black borders are used, making it a rather cartoony look.
Since I will soon be leaving for university stuffs, i only made 25 icons for you. So I just give it a "1.0" title.
Karbon is a set with different style from my previous works.
the rar file contains 25 ico files and png files, ico for normal use, and png are 128x128 pixel sized, will look well in objectdock or Yahoo! widget docks.
keywords: battery, browser, burner, coffee, break, connection, disc, folder, hard disk, iPod, iPod video, mail, maps, messenger, mushroom, music, my computer, paint, scanner, second life, security, skin, system status, the Sims, trash full, trash empty, widget
thanks for your support