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iPhone 3G Icons

iPhone 3G Icons

©2008 ~pica-ae

Autor: bigkobe
Rozmiar: 420 KB
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iPhone 3G icons made with Photoshop.
.rar contains :
- iPhone 3G < 512px - 256px - 128px >
- iPhone 3G Rear black < 512px - 256px - 128px >
- iPhone 3G Rear white < 512px - 256px - 128px >
Terms of Use:
• Only for personal use. DO NOT use it for commercial purposes.
• You can use icons for whatever you want as long as it’s personal and you don’t make any profit from it. Send me a note or leave a comment if you use it, and create a link to my DA.
By downloading this file you agree to follow these terms of use.
Thx 😉