Ikony – katalog najlepszych ikon Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Black ‚n Yellow

Autor: spraylife
Rozmiar: 940 KB
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Just 6 256px icons - can be used in Docks, Quick launch, Win7 Superbar, Desktop etc.

- I will take requests.
- Download + Enjpy


Black and Blue Icons Add On 1

Autor: Buzuk-Eugen
Rozmiar: 155 KB
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Mac OS X application icons such as Chess, GarageBand, Quick Time Player, Mail, Pages and Preview in black and blue colors.


Android OS Icons — Black box

Autor: Faychen521
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download in 48PX png


Call of Duty Black Ops – Icon2

Autor: KingAciD
Rozmiar: 190 KB
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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Game Icon 2

Includes ".ico" & ".png" for Windows OS or Dock-Tools


Have Fun


Black Glass Safari

©2010 ~krdesign

Autor: krdesign
Rozmiar: 517 KB
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A concept I'm testing... If I get a good enough response... I just might make a few more...



Black and White Firefox Icons


©2009 ~ewotion

Autor: ewotion
Rozmiar: 218 KB
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Black Glass Icons New


©2009 ~smert1012

Autor: smert1012
Rozmiar: 4.7 MB
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Bu iconları, ilk yaptığım versiona gösterilen ilgi ve sonrasında gelen istekler için, bazı ufak tefek hatalarıda düzelterek en baştan tekrar yapmış bulunuyorum.
Yorumlarınız için teşekkürler.

Pry Adobe Air – Etched Black


©2009 =eos8

Autor: eos8
Rozmiar: 1.1 MB
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I needed an  icon
and because I´m currently using Jonas Rask´s PRY folders
I made one to fit the others.
And because I´m a lovely guy
I share it with my lovely community 😀
Package includes:
PNG icon in 11 sizes
ICO icons which are vista-ready
ICNS icons that are tiger-ready

RocK guitar wallpaper black


©2009 ~IMdotMS

Autor: IMdotMS
Rozmiar: 469 KB
Rozdzielczość: 1680×1050
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RocK! Series wallpaper black
red version [link]


Arial Black Text Icons


©2009 ~likeOMFGitsJONNY

Autor: likeOMFGitsJONNY
Rozmiar: 67.1 KB
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Some icons that I made for my dock. I thought I would put them up for download in case anyone wanted to use them. I only have a few in my dock--there are twenty here. It would probably get a little confusing if you used all of them. I covered the basics, though, and some icons could be interchangeable with different programs. There are instructions in the 'Read Me' file on how to change your icons if you don't know how. Have fun!
and in order to change certain icons in your dock such as Finder, Trash, etc., you will need to download a free program called a LiteIcon. If you search for it, you can download it and it's really simple. You just drag the icons into the spaces. Good luck!