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Blue Group – one

Autor: sultan-design
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Hi guys 😉
THREE 128PX PNG ICONS For Your Dock 😀
[ The first version of icons Blue Group ]
For non-commercial desktop use only 🙂


Black and Blue Icons Add On 1

Autor: Buzuk-Eugen
Rozmiar: 155 KB
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Mac OS X application icons such as Chess, GarageBand, Quick Time Player, Mail, Pages and Preview in black and blue colors.


Blue Letter Pressed Icons

©2010 ~gabriela2400

Autor: gabriela2400
Rozmiar: 478 KB
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Here is a Blue Version of my Letter pressed icons [link]

There you have 42 128x128 PNG Icons.

I just make the ones I like the most and some have particularly funny names xD

So you can use this for whatever the hell you like to. If you want to credit me so do it and thanks.

See them in action here: [link]

·A light version: [link]



Blue light globe


©2009 ~kononenkoyaroslav

Autor: kononenkoyaroslav
Rozmiar: 243 KB
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Blue light globe 4 free


Blue Leopard


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: minimamente
Rozmiar: 2.1 MB
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Enjoy with BLUE 😀 visit me at [link]

Blue CD Icon


©2009 ~MediaDesign

Autor: MediaDesign
Rozmiar: 646 KB
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I reallllly don't know... I thought it looked cool but really, what's the point of this icon?

Blue Jelly Social Media Icons


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Autor: WebTreatsETC
Rozmiar: 7.9 MB
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108 Blue Jelly Social Media Icons
.png format

Blue Folder Dock Icons


©2009 ~LamboMan7

Autor: LamboMan7
Rozmiar: 728 KB
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These are for personal use only and not for any type of commercial use.
I have made these icons by looking at a great tutorial by manicho on deviantART.
The tutorial >> [link]
NOTE : The reflection and the shadow are a part of the icon. 🙂

If you like 'em or download 'em then feel free to +fav or comment, i'll appreciate the feedback.
My MS Word Document Dock Icons >> [link]
My MS Word Document OS Icons >> [link]
My Real Player Icons >> [link]
My GIMP Icons >> [link]
Transformers ViOrb Skin >> [link]
Half Life ViOrb Skin >> [link]

3D Clean Glossy Blue Orb Icons


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Autor: IconsEtc
Rozmiar: 10.7 MB
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These are free for personal and commercial use. No attribution necessary.
To preview and download Icons individually please see our website. [link]

DeepSea Blue

©2008 ~silencemira

Autor: silencemira
Rozmiar: 7.3 MB
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I love blue, especially the blue of the ocean, for the silent and soft feeling it brings to me. What attracts me most, is the unique mystery of the blue in the deep ocean. So I endeavour to dissolve this feeling into the icons, wishing it could calm the dysphoria from your hard work.