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Boolean: The Pixel Icon City

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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Over one month in the making, and finally here, this is the pastiche of my experience with 3 platforms : Windows, Mac OSX and the human friendly Linux - Ubuntu. All the while, been pixel pushing at 3200% zoom ratio or even more (while using GIMP). Hope the outcome has become worthwhile. Now, Its all up to your creativity, the metaphors depicted here aren't meant to be used as is, you can give them your own spin, like the Binocular for Search, Legos for Add-Ons/Plugins, Tree for directory tree, what have you. Now, don't think this is the end. Boolean is a thriving city. Expect more icons to arrive and new stores to be opened. I will be frequently updating my twitter, so you can read the "Boolean times" there. This will be a user driven set, so you guys can come up with the ideas/thoughts for the expansion of this city (read : Iconset ). If you want to support me or use them without attribution in your commercial works : prax08@gmail.com


100 icons in PNG format in 16×16 px

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These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
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And with this, I am going for something different. As we all icon/wallpaper addicts know that we all end up downloading the unwanted formats / resolution often and ditch them after downloading. So here, I have linked to the torrent file of the same content, so that you are at the disposal to choose what you want to download and save your precious bandwidth.


Download Torrent : [link]
Read Boolean Times : [link]
Mail me : [link]

Thanks for reaching this far. *Roll Credits*

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