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Compression boxes

Autor: YaroManzarek
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I'm not the original creator of the box. I only put the filetype extension & did the .icns.
I don't know the original author of the box, so don't ask for him! 🙂

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14 icons in PNG format
14 icons in .ICNS format
Template (PSD)
Preview (PNG)

Filetype extensions


Enjoy! 😉

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EXTRA! Only for BetterZip users

If you want to definitively replace the filetype icons, follow these super-easy steps:

1. With BetterZip closed, go to /Applications/BetterZip.app/Contents/Resources
2. Create a new folder & name it ("original icns backup", for example)
3. Drag there all the filetype icns (7Z.icns, ARJ.icns, BZ2.icns, etc.)
4. Now drag & drop your brand new .icns
5. That's all!


Graffiti Boxes

Graffiti Boxes

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: Stylenatic
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Graffiti Boxes
comments please!
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Boxes vista-like : OS

Boxes vista-like : OS

Autor: TPDKCasimir
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Boxes vista-like : Operating Software Icons
©2006 by TPDK
Theses icons are based on the new packaging for Windows Vista.
26 icons for various OS (13 icons in two categories : box with disc and without disc). Sorry if I forgot some but I put a selection from recent and famous OS.
Free for non-commercial use.
.png format & .ico format in 256x256 pixels.
Original icon design from ©Microsoft ©Windows ©Vista by Microsoft Corporation. Alls rights reserved.