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Thousand Sunny ‚n the verano

©2008 ~ByeNeida

Autor: ByeNeida
Rozmiar: 359 KB
Rozdzielczość: 1440×900
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Yohoho, Brook got his shadow back, and the pirates now take a deserved holliday. This year they'll go to Spain, verano = summer, everyone seems to enjoy the trip, but Usopp got sunburned ;P
vanilla 1280*1024 wallpaper ([link])


Going Merry ‚n the hard waves.

Going Merry 'n the hard waves.

©2006-2008 ~ByeNeida

Autor: ByeNeida
Rozmiar: 321 KB
Rozdzielczość: 1280×1024
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Made this vectorimage of the Luffy pirates' boat, Going Merry.
It's made to fitt the "Beach 'n Stuff" vectorimage 🙂
Don't know how long time i used, I've had some long breaks...
Link to the first/left part of this wallpaper [link]
And this is the link to the dual [link]


Concave Icons

Concave Icons

©2007 =gakuseisean

Autor: gakuseisean
Rozmiar: 4.3 MB
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A simple icon set with both light and dark variations, designed to go with *GeorgeHarrison's upcoming Concave visual style.
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These icons are Copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. THIS SET IS STRICTLY NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED, NEITHER CAN YOU MODIFY AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN WORK. Distributing these icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.
Copyright © 2007 gakuseiSean