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elementary Icons

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elementary changes over 5,000 icons!

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+ More icons in more sizes!
+ Increased rendering performance of some icons.
+ Merged in a lot of changes from Humanity.
+ enhanced monochrome icon set!
+ Symlink fixes.
+ Better Mimes.
+ Better Apps.

+ More icons in more sizes!
+ Increased rendering performance of some icons.
+ Merged in a lot of changes from Humanity.
+ New monochrome icon set!
+ Way more 32px icons.
+ Symlink fixes.
+ Better Mimes.
+ Better Apps.
+ More beautiful colors.

+ Filesize optimizations.
+ Complete refresh of mimes.
+ Increased rendering performance of some icons.
+ Improved visual consistency.
+ Even better Apps.
+ Symlink fixes.
+ More 32px and 24px icons.
+ New Emblems.
+ Better 48px GPM icons.
+ More Devices.

+ Dramatically Reduced file size (again)
+ Complete Visual refresh of folders.
+ Increased icon rendering performance
+ Improved visual consistency
+ Major enhancements to Apps
+ New notification icons
+ New Package icons
+ New Mime types
+ More icons in small sizes
+ Symlink fixes

+ Reduced file size by almost half.
+ Small visual refresh including folder color
+ Increased icon rendering performance by (in some cases) up to 400x
+ Improved visual consistency
+ Re-included Debian binary

+ Major re-design and revision of entire icon set.
+ Majorly reduced file size
+ Increased standards compliance
+ Tons of new 24x24 and 16x16 icons

+ Minor revisions here and there
+ new Debian binary!

+ complete revision of actions
+ complete revision of places
+ complete revision of mimetypes
+ minor misc revisions
+ removed icons already inherited from GNOME
+ removed many 256x256 icons
+ linking fixes

+ updated wireless icons
+ removed tango icons
+ greater adhesion to naming specs
+ greater compliance with GNOME HIG
+ replaced PNG's with SVG's
+ revision to apps
+ revision to actions
+ revision to places
+ minor revision to status

+fixed bug with network manager
+various bug fixes
+revised log out icon
+new pidgin icon
+stricter adhesion to Tango naming spec

+ Major revision to actions including stricter adhesion to elementary standards and GNOME HIG.
+ polished off wifi signal icons.
+ numerous small bugfixes.
+ revised small folder icons.
+ new media player icons.
+ stricter adhesion to the Tango naming specification.

+ new refresh button
+ wifi signal icons
+ alternate folder colors
+ 7zip icons
+ MS Word mimes
+ extensive linking to reduce file size
+ revisions to mimetypes
+ bug fixes
+ additions to apps and actions
+ more HIG compliance
+ fixed some issues with mint menu
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ done away with size hacks

+ less tango
+ more Human
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ more HIG compliance
+ revisions to apps
+ revisions to mimetypes
+ revisions to actions
+ revisions to places
+ added elementary extras

2/08 (v1.2)
+ work towards GNOME HIG compliance
+ major revisions to devices
+ major revisions to apps
+ major revisions to mimetypes
+ major revisions to actions
+ major revisions to places

1/08 (v0.9.1.8)
+ fixed evolution bug
+ major revision of all folders
+ fixed rhythmbox "bug"
+ fixed resolution issue with menu entries
+ added small (standard size) theme
+ No more warning messages when starting GTK apps from Terminal.
+ fixed inconsistency with trash icon.

***This work is licensed under the GPL***