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Winamp Playlist Icon


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Autor: DanStudio
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29 March, 2009: Update
Icons were redrawn to look more accurate. 2 new items added: Classic Black and Classic White icons.

That's it. A nice icon for your winamp. I, for example, applied it to my playlists. Actually, you can use it on your winamp shortcuts and so on 🙂
Hope you'll find it useful.
Please leave a comment if you like it. Any suggestions are also welcome.
29/03/09 - 115/33
Copyright © 2009 DanStudio

DS Folder Icon 2009


©2009 ~DanStudio

Autor: DanStudio
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My goal was to create a nice-looking glossy folder icon for Windows XP.
I did my best to make it sharp with every standart size (even 16x16px).
Your comments are welcome 🙂
p.s. this is my first DA upload ^^
I'll probably upload it in PNG images soon.
Copyright © 2009 DanStudio