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WIN-D icons v2

©2008 ~darpan-aero

Autor: darpan-aero
Rozmiar: 601 KB
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presenting the version 2 of my WIN-D icons
i hope they will 
be useful to you
i hope you will like these
thank you!!!!
and if you like them plzz +fav
©2008 bajaj corporation.All rights reserved.

VS icons

©2008 ~darpan-aero

Autor: darpan-aero
Rozmiar: 1.0 MB
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These are my fist icons
and i named them VS icons
because i think that they are "very Simple"
6 icons in png format(256x256)
normal version and black version
i hope u will like them
© 2008 bajaj corporation.All rights resrved

WIN-D icons

©2008 ~darpan-aero

Autor: darpan-aero
Rozmiar: 672 KB
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presenting WIN-D icons
i dont know u will like the name or not
but i can hope that u will like the icons.............
6 icons (256x256) only pngs
comments are welcome
© 2008 bajaj corporation.All right reserved
updated with 2 more icons