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Elegant Set of Smiley Face Icons

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Face Icons are everywhere, you can find smile face icons on blogs, web pages, email marketing campaigns or even on your mobile apps, so today I present 12 face icons which you can use for free to spice up your projects. Each smiley icon is available in vector format (PDF, SVG and EPS) so you can easily edit them.

You can use these smiley icons for freebie to created web sites, posters, ads, flyers, book covers, business cards, email marketing campaign templates and anymore. I hope this pack will help you to create a websites and really cool graphics.


Free Chart Icons

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These chart icons would find a good home in a web page or blogs, applications and power-point presentations. The application can be about money management, trade, finance or insurance. All three icons included in pack have a tiny look and have harmony in both color and perspective.

This small pack of chart icons is available in size 48×48 pixels only and delivered in vector SVG. The icons are free for commercial and personal use, but we require linking to our web page.

If you like this chart icon set you can also be interested in: Credit Card Icons.


Grassy Icon Design

Autor: 7inc
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Grassy Icon Design Free Download For Everyone.
Thanks for your interest. ^^


32px 2009

Autor: vanGenie
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Name of Set: 32px 2009
Icons included: 2 VHS Casettes, 2 Moitors, 2 DV Tapes, Road, 4 Wooden-framed Blueprints, Flipclock, Apple Design Award, Soup, 2 Vaults, 2 Sushis
Sizes: 32px
Formats: PNGs, iContainer
License: All Rights Reserved.
Note: This is a re-release of my old 32px icon sets "32px Set #1", "32px Set #2" and "32px Set #3".

Additional Copyright Information: ©2009-2010 by vangenie.com



Icon design „house”

©2010 ~silencemira

Autor: silencemira
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512X512 256X256 128X128

if you want to download png file ,Please Check the [link]


Mediterranean icons design


©2009 ~silencemira

Autor: silencemira
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if you want to download png file ,Please Check the [link]

New Design 2008 Icons

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: kano89
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After a very long and hard weeks for me, I finally finished my "New Design 2008" project! It's 15 iPhone alike icons set, made in 512x512 pixels for Mac OS X Leopard. Every icon is very special and highly detailed.
Package included ONLY CandyBar iContainer!!! Preview not included.
Here you have a full list of autors of some used .psd file and brushes in these icons set.
Sorry, but I don't remember everyone. Rest of work I made myself! 😀
Alternative Finder icon - Clouds Brushes: [link]
Bio Hazard icon - Clouds Brushes: (?)
Brain Storm icon - Some layers from: [link]
Storm brushes: ?
Mac busy cursor: ?
Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Wallpaper as a background
Mail icon - Fractal Wings: [link]
Clouds Brushes: [link]
Magic Cloud: [link]
Apple Mail Icon: ?
Matrix Console icon- 100% made by me
Mobile me icon - Mobile me logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
My Desk icon - Stickers: [link]
Polaroid efect from: [link]
My Photos icon - Photo made by AR2R
Rosso swirls brushes: [link]
My Photos2 icon - Photos made by AR2R
Polaroid efect from: [link]
Wooden background from: ?
Our Home icon - Glow planet efect from: [link]
Stars brushes from: ?
RSS Feed icon - Stars brushes from: ?
Skype icon - Vector Line Brushes: [link]
Vista logo icon - Vista Flare Orb: [link]
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper as a background.
We building the future icon - Wallpaper: [link]
Apple logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
X icon - Leopard X Layer Style: [link]
Preview: iPhone and background: [link]
Please support me by favorite and/or comment on this deviation.
Thank you for downloading. I hope you'll love it, too! 😀

windows icon design

windows icon design

©2008 ~silencemira

Autor: silencemira
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windows icon design

Web design icon

Web design icon

©2008 *sniffels

Autor: sniffels
Rozmiar: 118 KB
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Web design icon made for *ryangolla... ^^
Needs some finishing touches... 😛
The colored version is just for presentation...
I think, Ryan will use the greyscales one...