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hydroxygen folders


©2008-2009 ~deviantdark

Autor: deviantdark
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software: the GIMP 2.4.5
subject: folders icons
These icons are included within the hydroxygen iconset, released by me on gnome-look.org.
The folder base is 100% self made, no art-ripping, no copy/paste works.
Some overlaying elements are taken from other iconsets [all freely released].
All the icons included within the package are in .png format, with a resolution of 128x128 pixels.
These icons are free to use for personal use.

Maji Folders


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: deviantdark
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subject: maji type folders
software: unknown + the GIMP
It all begun when I've found a wonderful iconset: maji by Jonas Rask.
I've found his maji iconset, full of beautiful icons, expecially the folders' ones.
Then I tried to customize them a little bit, to suite my needs.
I've coloured the base folder in 17 different gradients, and applied some new overlaying objects not present in the Jonas' versions.
Jonas Rask gave me his full permission to release my modded version.
So please feel free to use my icons for personal use.
For commercial purposes please contact me for the modded versions or Jonas for the base ones.
The icons are compressed in .zip format and have a 5.0MB weight.
You can download it clicking here.
I have also used the maji icons for my Gnome iconset, hydroxygen. You can check it out at this link.

hydroxygen iconset


©2008-2009 ~deviantdark

Autor: deviantdark
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subject: gnome iconset
software: unknown + the GIMP
This is the best I could have ever made.
A full iconset for gnome desktops [windows or mac users won't be able to install it].
I also included a script which lets you modify the colours and the aspect of many icons, like folders ones, apps, buttons, etc.
This is not a complete artwork made from me.
It's a little artwork made by me, and the rest is a collectwork.
Download the .zip file and extract if into your desktop.
Then drag&drop the .tar.gz file into the Themes window to install the iconset.
Further instructions [related to the script modifications] included within the .zip and the tar.gz file.
The iconset is 70+MB weight.
· 25 dic 2008: changed recent documents and system search icons; fixed some stock icon; added icons and script instructions for digikam and solfege.
· 17 dic 2008: changed cd icons on all stuffs [mimetypes and devices]; changed real player mimetypes; added comix icon; changed .exe, makefile, script and other mimetypes.
· 11 dic 2008: fixed a script bug; changed icons for audacious in traybar; added icon for wicd.
· 06 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances [again!]; added new openoffice.org icons and script instructions to set them up; changed icons for gparted, calculator and gnomad2; added icon for sound recorder and application-octet-stream.
· 05 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances; changed and added several mimetypes; changed gftp and google earth icons.
· 04 dic 2008: added different user-trash icons [customizable via script]; changed icons for vlc, document-send, add-folder-to-archive, add-files-to-archive, gnome-mime-application-x-archive; added new firefox icon; added icons for crossover, autopackage-manager-gtk, kbruch and wine related.
· 01 dic 2008: changed icons for audio-muted; added icons for rhythmbox righ menu; added music catalog, repeat and shuffle icons; added anarchy distributor logo.
· 29 nov 2008: changed icon for dvd95; added icons for amule, v for vendetta distributor logo, backup hard disk, audio hard disk, several distros hard disk.
· 20 nov 2008: added icons for: emerald, emerald mimetypes, beryl-manager, aptoncd, openoffice3 suite and sunbird; changed icons for amarok; added several emblem icons; changed default folders' icons into black; removed script instructions to customize openoffice.org icons.
· 12 nov 2008: changed icons for: evolution, gnome-fs-bookmarks, gnome-panel-force-quit, gnome-network-preferences, help, preferences-desktop-theme and applications-internet, web-browser, document-send, added folders' icons with ubuntu and wallpapers overlaying elements.
· 04 nov 2008: changed openoffice icons and added script instructions to customize them, changed icons for: office, system monitor, system-software-update, software-properties, gnome-nettool, gparted and sound-juicer, added icon for thunar file manager.
· 04 nov 2008: added script instructions to edit volume icons and edit/find icons, added icons for cgoban, aptana, gambas2, added distributor logo for foresight, ubuntustudio and poseidon linux, changed gnomebacker icon.
· 01 nov 2008: fixed non-changing colour games' folder, removed "folder-yellow" duplicates, removed fella and 3crescent distributor logos, added italian language instructions [available into the before installing please READ txt file], changed: edit/edit-find icons, gconf-editor icons, media-dvd icons.
· 29 oct 2008: changed volume icons and gimp one, removed desktop overlay element.
· 25 oct 2008: added icons for folder-games, mame [gxmame] and linuxdcpp. changed icons for emesene.
· 22 oct 2008: added new wireless signal status icons, new minimal navigation arrows and 2 new distributor-logos.
· 18 oct 2008: added folders icons for: dock icons, virtualbox sharing, mail, scripts, neverwinter nights, fonts. Changed some other icons and removed some unnecessary ones.
· 16 oct 2008 :added icons for wireless network manager status.

A New Start

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: deviantdark
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Rozdzielczość: 2560×1600
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subject: minimalistic bird
software: adobe photoshop CS3
Inspired by aethlet by imrik.
I am still making my first steps with vector graphics, I hope you'll enjoy the results.
Only 2560x1600 pixels wide wallpaper.