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Dulce Bellum Inexpertis

©2010 ~SaintIscariot

Autor: SaintIscariot
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Dulce Bellum Inexpertis = "War is sweet for those who haven't experienced it."
— Pindaros
These icons represent the heart/cause and soul/effect of Western Fundamentalist Theology. Specifically, the justification of Crusader style wars in the name of the "Logos" (i.e., Sword of the Word). The effect of this cause inevitably leads to the division of worldly neighbors and ultimately blood-bathed weapons of war.
If retaliatory or preemptive bloodshed were the call of the New Testament, why then did the Apostles suffer violence without lifting a hand to strike the ones striking them? If God is everything the Fundamentalists believe, why does such a God need anyone to pull a trigger in His name?
***Irregardless of religious, irreligious, or historical understanding, these icons are solely addressing the hypocrisy of following a book in word, but actively profaning the same book in deed.***
These icons are 256x256 PNG's. If someone wishes to downsize/convert to ico/icns files and re-release, message me first. I Have larger sizes which may be available upon request for those wishing to creatively incorporate one or both of the icons into a DevART community release.
Each icon can be purchased for $30.00 US or $50.00 for both. Purchase would include the larger files up to 512x512 170ppi.
Thanks for your time and enjoy.