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©2008 =code2

Autor: code2
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Initialy done in Illustrator.
Reworked pixel per pixel to optimize every format in Axialis IconWorkshop.
Ca. 5 days of work

For Use With
Windows XP and Windows Vista

This Pack contains
- 6 Icons for Windows in 8 Sizes
- My Computer, My Pictures, Dustbin Full, Dustbin Empty, CD and one Icon for your fav. Design Software
- A bigger screenshot showing all formats and Icon
- A Read Me

So People
Please enjoy this set of 6 high-quality icons in 8 Formats!
Also has huge formats to cover your "dock" needs 😉
It was fun designing this icons and i think the outcome was woth it,
if you like them please download and feel "free" to comment !
As an end sentence: I hope i will be good in this contest and wish others luck!
Love and Peace,


Last.fm Audisocrobbler

Last.fm Audisocrobbler

©2008 ~sly55

Autor: sly55
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Just a simple Audioscrobbler Icon for the Last.fm Software.
There´s a new killerapp for the iPhone which made me dig out this software for Windows, which I had for years but kicked it when I got bored 😉


Spiffy icon pack v1.3 – Final

Spiffy icon pack v1.3 - Final

©2007 ~Balling

Autor: Balling
Rozmiar: 3.3 MB
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Iconpack inspired by ~RuizDesign's iPhone icons.
54 Icons in the pack so far.
To me, this pack is now complete. You're still welcome to come with suggestions but, for a while at least, I'm going to move on with something different.
It has been a blast doing these and I guarantee you that this will not be my last icon pack.
The following programs are featured:
*Adium - Fully compatible, with status icons
*Adobe Acrobat
*Adobe Acrobat distiller
*Adobe Bridge
*Adobe Dreamweaver
*Adobe Flash
*Adobe Illustrator
*Adobe InDesign
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adress Book
*Bluetooth (new in v1.3)
*Google Earth (new in v1.3)
*iCal - Updateable, to show current date
*iTunes (alternative icon)
*Skype (new in v1.3)
*StuffIt Archive Manager (new in v1.3)
*Stuffit DropStuff (new in v1.3)
*Stuffit Expander (new in v1.3)
*System Preferences
*Toast (new in v1.3)
*VLC Player

keyboard for iphone

keyboard for iphone

©2007 ~xiao4

Autor: xiao4
Rozmiar: 429 KB
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My first icon work for Illustrator.
enjoy...(i used it for my iphone)