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Perception CD’s

Perception CD's

©2007 ~GlossII

Autor: GlossII
Rozmiar: 1.6 MB
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13 icon's & png's (512 x 512 & 128 x 128)
This CD icon's are inspird by the "Perception box"
by The Doors.
This is actually how the CD's inside the box looks like.
Made the DVD & DVD-RAM-logo's myselfe
so I included them in the zip.
Love 'em or hate 'em

Samurai vol. 2

Samurai vol. 2

Autor: FixIcon.com
Rozmiar: 1.24 MB
Pobierz: Download

This set represents a very very very long work... if you appreciate it, thank you to write me a small word on my guest book... it'll make me happy! 😉