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Alice Dark 2


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Autor: edenprojects
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Alice Dark was by far one of my most favorited sets, with favorites in the hundreds, and downloads in the thousands, its still one of my favorites.
I am releasing Alice Dark 2 with 2 new icons "frame" and "journal", and also revised original icons with higher level imagery. Take a look, these icons are beautiful!
Alice Dark is an icon set that is Themed to American McGees Alice in Wonderland the Video Game from EA.

Safari 4 Icon


©2009 ~edenprojects

Autor: edenprojects
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The finished and polished Icon set for Safari 4. Download, Favorite, love it.

Oscon Steel + Milk Windows

Oscon Steel + Milk Windows

Autor: edenprojects
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The Oscon Collection, this one, Steel and Milk for windows, check out the Windows color versions as well.
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