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Sketcy Icons Glow edition


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Autor: AzureSol
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...I've been doing this for quite a while. I've recently bought a tablet, and it turned out that my hand isn't listening as it used to. So I've been doing this for practice. I designed some of the icons, modified some and just redraw the ones that i found pleasing. These are all the Icons I use at the moment, so if you want some other icons, just let me know. I'll be glad to update this collection.
***This are white icons with a little bue-ish glow, designed for black and dark backgrounds, you can also check the other collection on my profile***
Thanks for viewing/downloading- feel free to comment! 😀


CS4 deviantART edition Icon Pk

©2008 ~semaca2005


Autor: semaca2005
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Adobe CS4 deviantART edition Icon Pack
The icons are approved by IconsPedia.com and softpedia.com 
The pack includes:
* 1 Preview image
* 4 File icons (199 x 199)
* 4 Folder Icons (275 x 225)
- 2 x Adobe Illustrator dA Edition
- 2 x Adobe Photoshop dA Edition
- 2 x Adobe InDesign dA Edition
- 2 x Adobe Dreamweaver dA Edition
the icons are .PNG format 
Copyright © 2008 ADesigned. All rights reserved

CS3 R3dux 10.5 Edition

CS3 R3dux 10.5 Edition

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: fantomRedux
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A set of Dock Icons for Adobe CS3. The name is basically just a hint at the fact I made them to look good on those fancy-schmancy Leopard style docks.
Thanks to allhopeislost for the Anti Theft card 🙂