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Little bit of Halloween spirit.

13 + 1 bonus icon:
First row, left to right: ghost, frankenstein, mummy, devil, jason, hellboy, dr. manhattan
Second row: radioactive guy (?), zombie, pumpkin, skull, dracula, rorschach, and bonus fella.

Available as:
deviantArt avatars (50x50px png)

Happy Halloween!


Mascot Fella icon

Mascot Fella icon

©2008 ~cyberchaos05

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Releasing some NFR stuff..


Mortal kombat Vista icons

Mortal kombat Vista icons

©2007 ~Iconshock

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Name:Mortal combat vista icons
Website name and URL : [link]
Title of your Iconset or Desktop Image : Remember the classic generations of deadly combat? We bring you this ultimate icons set, with the already known logo and some of the main mortal kombat characters (like scorpion and sub-zero ) with shinny colors and great shapes, cool contrasted textures and bights of light , this designing characteristics give to the icons a nice look like plastic finished pieces.
Number of icons in the set: 5 icons
The sizes of your desktop image(s): 256X256,128x128,48x48,32x32,24x24 and 16x16