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Ourea Icons

Autor: neiio
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Read the included readme.


File icon pack v1


©2009 ~xtabit

Autor: xtabit
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basically i use the great Shinyblack icons [link] for myself,
but i want equal looking icons for all my files
so here it is ....
my pack with over 140 common file icons up to 128x128
edited Hardware icons and some additional ShinyBlack icons
many graphics i have used are from great artists here from deviant ... Thanks a lot
enjoy ... to be continued
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Wood icons for file types


©2009 ~teroleg

Autor: teroleg
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106 icons for different file types. Includes: archives, development, documents, system, video, web and some other. Formats: Ico and Png up to 256x256.
Inspired by Thvg works [link] .
Comments and critics are welcome.

File Status Icons


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: Ashung
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File Status Icons
ZIP file includes all png files.

Slika File Cabinet Icon

Slika File Cabinet Icon

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: seedgrafiks
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Schedule+ File – Icon

Schedule+ File - Icon

©2008 ~ssx

Autor: ssx
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I discovered Office 2003 still includes the very old Schedule+ program for compatibility reasons when I found some old Schedule+ files. I also noticed they icon for the filetypes was really ugly (simply the old 16 color icon superimposed over the default windows icon like any associated file without a specific icon) Even though I hardly have any of these files, I thought it would be nice to have a specific icon for them and this icon could also be useful for the filetypes of any information manager/email/calendar type program. I borrowed heavily from my O97 style Schedule+ icon and parts of a few unreleased projects so this took little time to create and the final result is quite nice.


Simplexity File Icons

Simplexity File Icons

©2008 ~Jrdn88

Autor: Jrdn88
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Simplexity File Icons
Includes 120 different file extension icons in both png and icon format (31mb). All major file extensions are included. Works best with Vista.
See more projects on my website at [link]
Copyright Jrdn88 / Jm-ArtStudio.com
For personal use only. May not be reproduced, redistributed, or used commercially without written consent.


File Types – Pics and Web

File Types - Pics and Web

©2007 ~datamouse

Autor: datamouse
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Some file type icons for images and web formats.

File Icons Vs. 3

File Icons Vs. 3

©2007 ~Jrdn88

Autor: Jrdn88
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Project: File Icons Vs. 3
100 different file extensions. Includes 100 PNGs and 100 Icons.
Can also be downloaded via my website [link] . Direct [link]
I have an IconPackage that includes all these File Icons and can be found at my site under the IconPackages tab.
For more projects not shown here please visit my website!
Project Copyright Jm-ArtStudio.com / Jrdn88

New Music File

New Music File

©2007 ~24charlie

Autor: 24charlie
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9 transparent music file... (256px)
comments are welcome...
If you like my work dont forget to add as +fav ..
thanks to Jokerjla for using his wmp icon [link]