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Minimal Flat icons


Autor: DD-Ripper
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Presenting, Minimal Flat icons ! Sleek, small and Flat !
I made them from scratch , More icons would be added in the upcoming updates. There are only 34 for now (I'm too tired to make more now  ) in PNG format.
Looks best on dark wallpapers and on SuperAMOLED screens

APK will be made once I cross 200 icons. So until then, use the pngs instead ;D
(Remind me the icons which I missed to make, in the comments)

Download :

All feedbacks, whether positive or negative are welcome ! ^_^

My XDA thread for the same :


MMII FLAT icons Vol.1


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: stalker018
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MMII FLAT Vol.2 [link]
MMII FLAT Vol.3 [link]

This first pack contains 52 icons in 144 x 144 px


-clock x2
-contacts x2
-files x2
-google search
-play store
-phone x2
-settings x2
-sms x2
-the verge
-you tube

More to come...
No PSD for now ( its too big and too messy)

- Entypo icons ( [link] )
- tokems for inspiration ( [link] )
- bensow for wall ([link]
- da community

I hope you like them.Critics are welcome.
Please credit me if you use any of these



Lightbulb – Modern Art Gallery

©2008 ~bjdezek

Autor: bjdezek
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Note: The real title to this piece is "Lightbulb Visits a Museum of Modern Art" but DA does not allow titles that long.
I got to thinking about energy in the context of Energy Efficiency....and I had this image in my head of a slightly personified lightbulb going to visit a Museum of Modern Art, and seeing a painting of a newer, more modern energy efficient lightbulb. I imagine he'd gasp and be shocked to learn he's outdated.