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European Flags

European Flags

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Autor: alpak
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Estos iconos los hice hace mucho tiempo atrás y aquí estan para que los bajen si quieren.
Son de la serie de iconos que titule "World Flags" (super original).
Espero que les guste!
I made this icons a long time ago and here they are if you want to download them.
They are from the icon series that I called "World Flags" (very original).
I hope you like them!
-ARY Macedonia
-Bosnia y Herzegovina
-Ciudad Vaticano/Vatican City
-Paises Bajos/Holanda/Netherlands
-Reino Unido/United Kingdom
-Republica Checa/Czech Republic
-San Marino
-Union Europea/European Union


„Everyday-Control Panel Suite”

Everyday-Control Panel Suite

Autor: Samurai3
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Hello to all
Here my newest work.
It´s a complet work for the "Control-Panel"
All this Icons can with the Apps “IconsetXP” of this link: [link] are exchanged.
It is completely simple
so i hope all have many Fun with my new work.
Also the next coming soon the "Drive-Suite, "Folder-Suite" and the "File-Suite", at the end of release so you have over 200 Icons.
Greetings from Germany

„everyday – Drive Suite”

everyday - Drive Suite
Autor: Samurai3
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Hello to all the second "Everyday Packs" is finished with the name "Everyday drive Suite".
It contains 22 Icons and 22 Png's
Much fun thereby and greets from Germany