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Black Glass Safari

©2010 ~krdesign

Autor: krdesign
Rozmiar: 517 KB
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A concept I'm testing... If I get a good enough response... I just might make a few more...



Glass Set

©2010 ~J0hnnyR0tt0n

Autor: J0hnnyR0tt0n
Rozmiar: 7.42 MB
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Inspired by other icons and put together by me using Photoshop CS4.
I hope you enjoy using as much as I do.
Download from WinCustomize:


Magnifying Glass


©2009 ~Lukasiniho

Autor: Lukasiniho
Rozmiar: 513 KB
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This is an icon ranging from 32px to 512px (in reality there are 5 different .png files, so it's not a single icon file)
It shows a modern and clean magnifying glass with high detail.
This download also includes a .psd resource file with 16 layers, so you can create your own magnifying glass or use it in other works as a normal resource file.
If you do so, it would be nice if you contact me (fav, comment...) and show me your work, but that's not neccesary but appreciated.
As always some feedback is appreciated.

Black Glass Icons New


©2009 ~smert1012

Autor: smert1012
Rozmiar: 4.7 MB
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Bu iconları, ilk yaptığım versiona gösterilen ilgi ve sonrasında gelen istekler için, bazı ufak tefek hatalarıda düzelterek en baştan tekrar yapmış bulunuyorum.
Yorumlarınız için teşekkürler.

Dock Glass Icons


©2009 ~lovesamy

Autor: lovesamy
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Hey Guys this is My first Icons Made.There are Icons which i used from Steel89 Thanks To him for using his Icons and the background To and thanks to Gian89 for his background too.
Specially Thanks to (tRiBaLmArKiNgS) For helping Me Out and For his Icon to which is My picture Thanks To Those All who i Missed.

blue and clear glass

blue and clear glass

©2008 ~GlossII

Autor: GlossII
Rozmiar: 3.0 MB
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OK, so this was how the others turned out
8 icons & png's (512 x 512)
Yhea, I know they are a bit vistalike but
so what


Opera Glass Icons

Opera Glass Icons

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: MariuxV
Rozmiar: 314 KB
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Opera Glass Icons made in Inkscape.
Contains .png and .svg files, both in 256x256 size.


Bit-Comet Glass iCon

Bit-Comet Glass iCon

©2007 ~d-bliss

Autor: d-bliss
Rozmiar: 186 KB
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Icona del noto programma Bit-Comet
devo dire che questa e' venuta molto bene lol
- Png Logo 235x229px
- iCo File 32x32px
- iCo File 16x16px
commenti pls ^^

A World of Glass Dock Icons

A World of Glass Dock Icons

©2007 ~vista-man

Autor: vista-man
Rozmiar: 2.2 MB
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UPDATE (Oct. 12):
4 New Icons Added!
Current contents:
- 10 dock icons
- Pictures Folder
- Documents Folder
- Downloads Folder
- User Directory Folder
- PPT Filetype Icon
- DOC Filetype Icon
- XLS Filytype Icon
- PDF Filetype Icon
- Computer Icon
- Show Desktop Icon
- 1 clock background
- 1 clock gadget (many hand types available)
*NOTE* All Icons are 256x256 so they will be clear when blown up by Vista. (.ICO Versions are not included in this version.)
Coming Soon:
- More Icons
- .ICO versions of each icon for use with windows folders, files, drives, etc.
I made these during my spare time as Dock icons for my computer.
I am not nearly done - I plan to have a set of over 50 similarly themed icons when I'm done.
Here are a few I have finished so far. As I finish more, I will update this page with the new ones I create.
I encourage you to critique my work so that I can perfect the icons I have already finished and the ones I will make. Thanks for helping!