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Glassy Icons

©2008 ~Bullseyesorg

Autor: Bullseyesorg
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Glassy Icons from Bullseyes

Black Glassy Set

Black Glassy Set

©2008 ~Thvg

Autor: Thvg
Rozmiar: 6.6 MB
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Icons, Png, iContainer
Folder icons - Complete Set
Volume icons - Internal, External, Removable and Time Machine
Black Glassy Dock!
Thvg 2008
I noticed the finder being SLOWER when i applied the icons and the reason it does that, is because when i import the 512x512 png to Candybar it doesn't copy and scale the image to other sizes so the finder have to do that every time it shows the icon.
I found out one other app, img2icns, that Convert images to icns!
Download it! its fine now!!
Addition: Leopard and Tiger Disk icon!![link]