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Ubunto 10 icon

Autor: simobortolo
Rozmiar: 2.0 MB
Pobierz: Download

Titolo: “UBUNTO 10 ICON”
Release “1.0”
Descrizione “Ubunto 10 icon, 45 icon ICO (WIN), 45 icon PNG”
Credit “Nitnerolf [link])- ” (30 icon)

ATTENZIONE!! AGGIORNAMENTO FREQUENTE: questo pacchetto di icone è soggetto ad aggiornamento frequente, quindi se vi piacciono controllate se avete l'ultima versione!!!!

WARNING! FREQUENT UPDATE: This icon package shall be updated frequently, so if you like check if you have the latest version!!


Feel of Japan – icon set 0.1

Feel of Japan - icon set 0.1

©2008 ~Silmathoron

Autor: Silmathoron
Rozmiar: 20.1 MB
Pobierz: Download

An icon set for linux (GNOME) based on :
_ Buuf-Deuce >> icons by mattahan
_Hinode by dunedhel
_and of course, Yoritsuki by hybridworks
-- I sent him a note to know if I could release the icons, but I didn't get any answer, so as some people asked me about this icon set, I release it anyway, and I'll remove it immediately if he tells me to do so. --
Hope you'll enjoy it, please +fav if you like 🙂
Full view HERE
PS : the .zip file also contain a pidgin guification theme.
PPS : I don't really know what license should be apply... there are copyrights, so ask the creators 🙂


Gnome 2.19.90

Gnome 2.19.90

©2008 ~Drizzt-Kueh

Autor: Drizzt-Kueh
Rozmiar: 1.6 MB
Pobierz: Download

Extracted from Tango Patcher of vertigosity([link])
I recommended that for full tango experience in Windows.


Gion for IconTweaker

Gion for IconTweaker

©2008 ~JoJoMaMa

Autor: JoJoMaMa
Rozmiar: 467 KB
Pobierz: Download

- The majority of the icons in this "Gion for IconTweaker" theme are by the artist Silvestre Herrera with a limited number taken from Tango and Gnome icon sets. They were included to keep the look of the theme consistent. Quoting the artist (Silvestre Herrera) "This one won't be complete anytime in the near future, but I'm hoping to have some releases during the year"
- All Gion/Tango/Gnome icons used in this theme are licensed under the GNU General Public License
- IconTweaker can be downloaded at [link]
- The Gion artwork (PNG and SVG formats) can be downloaded from Silvestre Herrera's web site at [link]

Yasis for IconTweaker

Yasis for IconTweaker

©2008 ~shamka

Autor: shamka
Rozmiar: 818 KB
Pobierz: Download

not a new icon theme, but a smooth one made from the yasis theme icons by ertz [link]
"Yasis is the current default icon set for Dropline GNOME, it's still under mid-active (if that exists) development, but there hasn't been a release in a while.
Latest version is 0.4.2."
you can download the svg's from his website.


nuoveXT for IconTweaker

nuoveXT for IconTweaker

©2008 ~anthonium

Autor: anthonium
Rozmiar: 3.1 MB
Pobierz: Download

This IconTweaker file is based on nuoveXT-Gnome by sa-ki: [link]
Many thanks to sa-ki for permission to port these icons.
To use this file you will need the IconTweaker program: [link]
The download is a zip which contains a folder with:
1. nuoveXT.ita
2. nuoveXT for IconTweaker Preview.png


Jamembo icons

Jamembo icons

Autor: mat-u
Rozmiar: 2.5 MB
Pobierz: Download

after a while without submitting deviation (because i had to pass my diploma) i upload my last iconset inspired of the Gnome project, and Tango icons (i use ubuntu ^^)
These are minimalist icons, without spectacular effects like Vista icons.
i hope you'll like these simple colors
The archive includes .ico (16~128 px) and .png format (128x128)
65 icons

(the green color is a little too "fluo" on my desktop (old display) not on my laptop...is it your case?)