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Pack2 – Baco Flurry Icons Style

Autor: myBaco
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FaceTime - Skype (1) - Skype (2) - CCleaner - Filezilla (1) - Filezilla (2) - TeamViewer - iLife folder

Inside the package:

• iContainer

Hope u like it (:


iPhoto ’08

iPhoto '08

©2008 ~Andrew-Campbell

Autor: Andrew-Campbell
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Even though I prefer to manually manage my photos, iPhoto has been in my Mac's dock since I booted it up for the first time. iLife '08 was a welcome upgrade to the iLife Application Suite, and brought a slew of new features to iPhoto, improving an already great application experience. I noticed one day, while cleaning out my computer, that the iPhoto icon seemed rather... Lacking. I thought it would look nice, if my own camera and photograph were to represent my photography collection, rather than a random icon that Apple whipped up.
After looking around, I couldn't find an iPhoto PSD file, or a PNG file with my brand of camera, so I had no choice but to make one instead. Before anyone points out the obvious, I know it's not perfect, but I didn't intend it be. I just thought that I might as well share my work with deviantART, and maybe someone else will find a use for this icon too. 🙂 564x512. Leopard Ready!
This Package Includes:
- Folder Icon for OS X.
- icns File for OS X
- ico File for Windows.
- png file for OS X/Windows.
- The Preview file you see above.
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iLife, And iWork ’08 Icons

iLife, And iWork '08 Icons

©2007 ~lilredthing

Autor: lilredthing
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All the icons that are shown in the pic are included! Even includes Appleworks 6, and Aperture! Enjoy
All Rights Reserved By Apple Inc.