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Pidimax Icons



Autor: xDaks
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Selected Pidi Icons [link] converted to SVG format size 128x128px, including simple python script for generate color variations.


Added gtk2, gtk3 and qt based GUI for generate color variations.


Ourea Icons

Autor: neiio
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Read the included readme.


Ubunto 10 icon

Autor: simobortolo
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Titolo: “UBUNTO 10 ICON”
Release “1.0”
Descrizione “Ubunto 10 icon, 45 icon ICO (WIN), 45 icon PNG”
Credit “Nitnerolf [link])- ” (30 icon)

ATTENZIONE!! AGGIORNAMENTO FREQUENTE: questo pacchetto di icone è soggetto ad aggiornamento frequente, quindi se vi piacciono controllate se avete l'ultima versione!!!!

WARNING! FREQUENT UPDATE: This icon package shall be updated frequently, so if you like check if you have the latest version!!



Autor: GuillenDesign
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Icons VARIATIONS 2 , for dock (png) and windows system (ico)

55 .ico and 55 .png

Faenza original icons are of Tiheum [link]

Original image 'fox', logos 70 years,(Lódz Kusnierz) [link]

address / backup / browser crhome,explorer,firefox and opera / default icon /
desktop / deviantart / download / energy / favourites / flickr / floppy /
fonts / games / group / guitar / help / image / link / mail / messenger /
microsoft security / monitor / mouse / music / network / personalization /
player / rainmeter / rede / script / search / shield / system / transmission /
text / user / vlc / windows defender / windows explorer / windows firewall /
windows update / wordpress / zip.

The ' VARIATIONS 2' , is a creation by Guillen Design. Is a package of icons free, only for your private use, commercial use is not allowed. Thanks.

All rights reserved.

Download it and enjoy


xpAlto Standard Image Icons II

Autor: graywz
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xpAlto Icons: Standard Image Filetypes
(page shaped, labeled and unlabeled)
by GrayWz
v 1.0 (11 June 2010)

These icons are part of a set designed to complement and improve the base Windows XP icons.

- 17 icons in true colour in sizes 16, 32, 48, 64, 128 px

With inspiration from, and thanks to:
. XML Docs by Bartelme Design [link]
. The XPize project [link] and icons by WereWolf [link]
. Windows Design Team
. Iconica Custom Icons [link]

To install:

For each file type
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Choose Tools/Folder Options
3. Choose the "File Types" tab
4. Scroll down to the appropriate Extension/File Type combination,
e.g. "JPG"
5. Click "Advanced" (or "Restore" then "Advanced")
6. Click "Change Icon"
7. Browse and select the appropriate icon
8. Click OK/OK/OK


Notebook Paper Image Files

©2008 ~kittenbella

Autor: kittenbella
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Image File Types- doodled on crumpled, notebook paper. There are 9 notebook paper icons total- one of them is a blank sheet of paper- each in ico & png (128x128) format. I will expand & add some more image types in a 2nd set.

Image Folders v1

Image Folders v1

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: thedevstudio
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I really liked the folders created by digitalchet but couldn't find a use for the those, so I re-created the folder style to put some more practical designs on them.
I will create some more soon, and also some with additional symbols and icons. Any suggestions welcome.
I've included a range of sizes, but don't really see the need - would you just prefer the largest?
Used images from all over - here's the credits:
Adobe image: by deadPxl [link]
Windows logo: by AshTheMan [link]
Phaeton image: by elusive [link]
Light Bird image: by grafixeye [link]
The Abyss image: by iAmFreeman [link]
DesktopX image: by weboso [link]


Common Image File Icons 2

Common Image File Icons 2

Autor: docmiller
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As my other icon set ([link]) this set uses more a "image code" than a "color code" for the image files.
Please leave a short note if you download this pack.....

Common Image File Icons

Common Image File Icons

Autor: docmiller
Rozmiar: 164 KB
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This set works with a "Color Code". Each filetype has it's own color so you can find them fast and easy.
Have fun...

Image filetype icons

Image filetype icons

Autor: JyriK
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Continuing the set with these 🙂
32 image related icons.
More can be found [link] , [link] and [link]