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Aero Icons and PNG’s

Aero Icons and PNG's

Autor: Josephs
Rozmiar: 7.0 MB
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The Aero Icon Set comes with over 150 images at a whopping 7mb filesize! (sorry 56k'ers). There should be an Icon folder, a PNG folder and a Readme in the .zip. You could use these Icons to compile your own IconPackage if you do not use IconPackager, as I have already made my own here: [link]
You Get:
- 256x256 PNG Images
- 32x32 to 255x255 WindowsXP Format Icons
Only use these icons for your own use please. I find the 256x256 PNG's are useful for applications such as ObjectDock and AveDesk Shortcut Desklets. All I can really say now is Enjoy!