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LCD Icons


©2009 ~salmanarif

Autor: salmanarif
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LCD Icons
Two front-view LCD icons with a white and a black body.
Includes icon with the image from the preview and an empty icon in which you can place any image you like.
The premade icon shows one of the wallpapers from this pack: [link]
Maximum icon resolution: 512x512 px
If you make any modifications, you are NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THEM TO dA or ANYWHERE ELSE.
Salman Arif
Ideas Unlimited...
Terms and Conditions:
You MAY post a link to this very page.
You may NOT edit this in any way, or reupload anywhere for any reason.
You may NOT upload the preview image anywhere.
You may NOT use this image or part of this image in any of your works.
You MUST accredit me directly if you share this with anyone else.

LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

©2007 ~taytel

Autor: taytel
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free PNG lcd monitor by me 🙂
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BenQ LCD Monitor Dock Icons

BenQ LCD Monitor Dock Icons

©2007 ~deadPxl

Autor: deadPxl
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...done as requested, I really loved this monitor from BenQ, very stylish & clean. I wish to own something like this sometimes, currently I own 17" AOC LCD Monitor..Hope you like them!!!
Thanks a lot to sick742
--> 😀 Greets to these awesome DA Friends of mine 😀 <--