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Tweetie Balloons


©2009 ~lharboe

Autor: lharboe
Rozmiar: 5.4 MB
Pobierz: Download

Some new icons from a modified version of my iChat Redrawn icons. Sorry, these were a quickie, only 512px and 16px sizes. Heavily inspired by Jonas Rask's Tweetie Bubbles.
Enjoy & Happy Tweeting!

VLC Beam

©2008 ~lharboe

Autor: lharboe
Rozmiar: 4.5 MB
Pobierz: Download

A sleeker icon for the multimedia player VLC.
5 Styles: Beam, Sea, Rose, Greenery, and Asphalt.
Leopard Ready: 512px.
Zip file contains: Pngs, Icns, Folder Icons, and iContainer.
UPDATED: Improved colors and removed strange white line.

Box Drive

©2008 ~lharboe

Autor: lharboe
Rozmiar: 8.1 MB
Pobierz: Download

A replacement icon for your hard drive made from 100% recycled materials.
Your hard drive all packaged up in a little neat box. For the greener side of you. Use different styles for different drives (example: Turf for Time Machine and Breeze for Air Port)
7 styles: Boulder, Cardboard, Breeze, Fire, Mustard, Shadow and Turf.
Leopard ready: 512px
Zip contains: PNGs, Icns, Folder Icons, and iContainer.

Safari Gleam

Safari Gleam

©2008 ~lharboe

Autor: lharboe
Rozmiar: 5.0 MB
Pobierz: Download

For the most part, I love Apples icon for Safari. It's a nice dark aqua blue, looks very realistic and has a nice transparent map on the background.
Some things I find annoying. The little loop on top, the skinny compass pointers, and the fat ring surrounding it all.
I combined all my favorite features together, and created the new Safari icon. Sleek and simple. Introducing... Safari Gleam. My third icon.
I hope you like it!
Zip file includes: Icns, Folder Icons, Pngs, and iContainer.
Five styles: Aqua, Mint, Spice, Slick, And Glow.
Leopard ready: 512px.

Niome for IconTweaker

Niome for IconTweaker

©2008 ~anthonium

Autor: anthonium
Rozmiar: 2.3 MB
Pobierz: Download

This IconTweaker file is based on Niome PNGs by Bobbyperux: [link]
Many thanks to Bobbyperux for permission to port these icons.
To use this file you will need the IconTweaker program: [link]
The download is a zip which contains a folder with:
1. Niome.ita
2. Niome for IconTweaker Preview.png
Extra Info
Background used for preview is based on wallpaper Evenflow's Intelmac OSX86 by zonethirteen: [link]