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ios 7 icons #4


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: dtafalonso
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...............................................More Icons.................................................................android kitkat : fav.me/d6udfqj

ios 7 iconpack-1 : fav.me/d6mg06c

ios 7 iconpack-2 : fav.me/d6rpvt0

ios 7 iconpack-3 : fav.me/d6tkkis

ios 7 iconpack-5 : fav.me/d6hafxf

iWork ios 7 :  fav.me/d6mg5e5

iLife ios 7    :  fav.me/d6mg4qj


- add 50 icons
-Added new icons and the others moved to other packs (nov/09/2013)


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Android Mega Pack

Autor: Champi-Design
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This is the last pack and a suite to my other android pack of 30 icons

that you can download here : [link]

just for fun i have add 17 android emoticons ^^

Please, if you use the icons thank you to appoint me in the comments and let me know so I can see your deviation thanks 😀



Mega GamesPack 27 final


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: 3xhumed
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Hello folks!
So, after a long edit of the entire graphics I left the pack 27 and finally finished as promised at the weekend uploaded. I have until this morning at 5:00 clock still sat on the PC! All the icons as a preview image and even to pack as RAR file lasted even times 1 hour! What madness is always a work.
The most difficult was "Bloody Monkey," "Legendary," "Savage2" and a few others. Many areas had to add picture and much retouching, stronger and sharper colors, or make me think something completely themselves, as in "Bloody Monkey."
Some icons of the game, I have more than 1 hours worked per Icon! Pooh ...
All your questions, I could not, of course, implement, let's see what I have for the next Pack can do.
But first, I will not make game icons, but instead I will now turn to the software package concentrate.
The Rar file now has a completely revised Readme, hope you enjoy it.
So concludes the first for today, your Exhumed

Buuf Deuce Mega Pack in Color

Buuf Deuce Mega Pack in Color

©2008 ~OatsAndEggs

Autor: OatsAndEggs
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The Buuf Deuce Mega Pack in Color
Based on original icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan. All rights reserved.
Please see the readme inside the download for more important details.
This download covers pretty much every Buuf Deuce option for Icon Packager. Included are 9 themes, and each replaces over 140 icons. The themes are:
Default Buuf Deuce
Light Green
Dark Green
Three of the themes (Black, White, & Default) were contributed by ~KronicFailure. The majority of the icons in this pack were made by cutting and pasting Buuf Deuce icons together - same goes for some of the new file icons.
Feel free to let me know if there is a particular file extension you want added.
Special thanks to =mattahan for the incredible icons. He did the real work here.

MEGA Games Pack 16 1of3

MEGA Games Pack 16 1of3

©2008 ~3xhumed

Autor: 3xhumed
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So we want to get started ...
Last week I had asked you what games their icons in the new package would like to have, and you have a lot of games graphics required!
It came out probably is the most comprehensive package of what I have so far created!
I have more than 25 hours and a total of 3 days worked, sometimes up to 7 hours a day! Now I am quite tired and stressed from work, I use the first day nothing else to do.
In each package are more than 80 icons, which are a whole lot, and sometimes with and sometimes without text, but I can not make any law it must also hope that I made exactly to your taste.
Among the works themselves, I can only say, it was hard work!
The problem is only one proper graphics on the Internet, and that's not easy. There is hardly any high-resolution images, mostly compressed, so useless! I have then largely fansite kits downloaded, which were not many but it has made me a little easier. Nevertheless, I had a lot of logos and graphics, or my own games below. In addition, all the graphics were actually revised and with different filters optimized.
Much fun
Package 1/3
- Age of Conan
- Armed Assault 2
- Counter-Strike
- Flatout - Ultimate Carnage
- Ghost Recon
- GRAW 2
- Highlander
- Rainbow Six - Lockdown
- Rainbow Six - Ravenshield
- Runaway 2
- Sacred 2
- SWAT 3
- SWAT 4
- Turning Point - Fall of Liberty
- United States Army (for America´s Army)
- Universe at War
- Warhound
- WoW - Wrath of the Lich King