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Magic Christmas

Autor: lgp85
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Designing some detailed Christmas Icons in the free time....Using Photoshop and 3ds max.



Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: MKho
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第一次的成品 阿阿阿


iChad PNG Folder Pack 1

iChad PNG Folder Pack 1

©2008 `chadamus

Autor: chadamus
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iChad Icons - PNG Folder Pack #1
Just my turn at imitating the Apple® iPhone™ icons that seem to be so common these days... Figured I should probably come out of Skinner Retirement every now and then.
This icon pack contains 256x256 PNG for the following folders:
My Computer
My Contacts
My Desktop
My Documents
My Downloads
My Favorites
My Links
My Music
My Pictures (Not shown in preview)
My Saved Games
My Recent Searches (Not shown in preview)
My Videos
Public Documents (Not shown in preview)
Public Downloads (Not shown in preview)
Public Pictures
Public Videos (Not shown in preview)
Public Music (Not shown in preview)
Public Recorded TV
All icons, where applicable, are available in the following colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Brown, Aqua and the bonus dAGreen!
This pack contains 180 PNG files.
Requests for additional icons can be made here: [link]
All are 256x256 PNGs usable for a variety of Dock programs and work well for customizing Leopard as well.
iChad Icon Packs Available:
ICO Packs:
* iChad ICO Text Pack 1 - 28.9Mb - 260 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Text Pack 2 - 29.0Mb - 260 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Text Pack 3 - 25.8Mb - 230 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 1 - 28.3Mb - 248 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 2 - 28.8Mb - 254 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Filetype Pack 3 - 28.2Mb - 248 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Application Pack 1 15.2Mb - 111 ICOs - [link]
* iChad ICO Folder Pack 1 - 19.1Mb - 180 ICOs - [link]
PNG Packs:
* iChad PNG Text Pack 1 - 28.4Mb - 750 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Filetype Pack 1 - 34Mb - 750 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Application Pack 1 - 6Mb - 111 PNGs - [link]
* iChad PNG Folder Pack 1 - 7.2Mb - 180 PNGs - [link]




©2008 =code2

Autor: code2
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Initialy done in Illustrator.
Reworked pixel per pixel to optimize every format in Axialis IconWorkshop.
Ca. 5 days of work

For Use With
Windows XP and Windows Vista

This Pack contains
- 6 Icons for Windows in 8 Sizes
- My Computer, My Pictures, Dustbin Full, Dustbin Empty, CD and one Icon for your fav. Design Software
- A bigger screenshot showing all formats and Icon
- A Read Me

So People
Please enjoy this set of 6 high-quality icons in 8 Formats!
Also has huge formats to cover your "dock" needs 😉
It was fun designing this icons and i think the outcome was woth it,
if you like them please download and feel "free" to comment !
As an end sentence: I hope i will be good in this contest and wish others luck!
Love and Peace,


HydroRETRO -HR- Dock Icon Set

HydroRETRO -HR- Dock Icon Set

©2007 *MediaDesign

Autor: MediaDesign
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The second part of my Hydro series. I didn't bother with many icons in this pack as I doubt many people will use them. I like them but you know...
Based of Windows 98, I created the 5 graphics:
- Plain folder
- My Documents
- Recycle bin (empty and full)
- My Computer
All icons are PNG format, at 512x512 size.


HP Monitor Dock Icon

HP Monitor Dock Icon

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: MediaDesign
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A computer monitor of the brand Hewlett-Packard (HP). Useful as a My Computer button or Control Panel.
Following sizes included:
- 1024
- 512
- 256
File type is transparent .PNG.
Here is the wallpaper used on the desktop:
- [link] = 1024
- [link] = 1280
- [link] = 1920 (ws)

Karbon 1.0

Karbon 1.0

Autor: dpzo
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Karbon was born!
This is a brand new set of me. In this set, black borders are used, making it a rather cartoony look.
Since I will soon be leaving for university stuffs, i only made 25 icons for you. So I just give it a "1.0" title.
Karbon is a set with different style from my previous works.
the rar file contains 25 ico files and png files, ico for normal use, and png are 128x128 pixel sized, will look well in objectdock or Yahoo! widget docks.
keywords: battery, browser, burner, coffee, break, connection, disc, folder, hard disk, iPod, iPod video, mail, maps, messenger, mushroom, music, my computer, paint, scanner, second life, security, skin, system status, the Sims, trash full, trash empty, widget
thanks for your support