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Colourflow : nVidia


©2009 *tRiBaLmArKiNgS

Autor: tRiBaLmArKiNgS
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nVidia Colourflow icon
1 icon | 512 pix png
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Based on the
COLORFLOW icons by Bandar Hassan Raffah: [link]



©2007 ~3xhumed

Autor: 3xhumed
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© 2007 by Exhumed - [link]
thus has again one mixes at png `s tinkered.
contained products of:
- Razer
- Logitech
- Asus
- Microsoft
- Speedlink
- Raptor-Gaming
- Windows
- Nvidia
- Apple
Much fun

Vista Folders 3

Vista Folders 3

Autor: monolistic
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Vista Folders 3
Want to feel the "Clarity" of Windows Vista on your Windows, then clean up with these folder icons.
90 icons to transform your tired old XP (or earlier) folders in to tomorrows Vista.
The icons range from files to programs to system based properties.
Including: Pixel Art, Gimp, Corel, Skype, Spybot, Ad-aware, Norton, Panda, NOD32, Yahoo! Messenger, Gaim, BitComet, Perl files, Python files, nVidia, ATI, Colored folders, MySpace and Blogger. Just to name a few!
Format: Icon file format (.ico)
Sizes: 256 (Vista ready*), 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16x pixels
Icons (#): 90
Also see Vista Folders and Vista Folders 2
If you have any requests for folders please see my Journal Post for more information.
Need help applying the icons click here.
All Rights Reserved © 2006 monolistic art
No unlicensed/unrequested use other then personal