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AngryBirds Pig Adium

Autor: pfuispinne
Rozmiar: 1.3 MB
Pobierz: Download

This is an Adiumdockicon. I used pictures of the pig from AngryBirds and modified or animated them.

Connecting and alerts are animated.
I've also included a ICNS and a ICO file of the online-status in the ZIP.

Here you can find a preview of the animated icons.

Here you can find the red bird


Pfui Spinnes Flurry Extras 02

Autor: pfuispinne
Rozmiar: 18.2 MB
Pobierz: Download

I did some flurry icons again. They are all made by me, but of course the most are based on the original icons.
This time I included the ICO-files for the windows-users in the ZIP

Here you can find my first flurry collection

The beak of the Cyberduck is based on a photo from ~shy-fox and the glasses from the Skim-icon are from a pictured made by ~missmenace-stock

I've also included some special 32px and 16px images

included are:
Thunderbird / Firefox / Cyberduck / RSSowl / GoogleEarth / AngryBirds (7x) / Meatboy / AlienHominid / CastleCrashers (5x) / BeardedMan / Spore / GuitarHero / Vimeo / MTR4 / OSEx / Miro Video Converter / Miro Player / Quicktime X / VideoLanClient / MPlayer / Magic Bullet Looks Builder / Pftrack / Pftrack2011 / Zbrush / Maya / Rhonda Forever / Audacity / OpenOffice / Bean / Smultron / Font Forge / Skim / QuickPick / DropBox / DataRescue / StellarPhoenix / Wineskin / Wineskin Winery / Tomato Torrent / Canon Mp540 / Stuffit Dropstuff