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Glossy Standard 1.1 PNG

Autor: snipes2
Rozmiar: 9.6 MB
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Second edition of my Glossy standart Icons!

You can find the Icon files for your OS here: [link]

Please let me know if you want some other icons and i'll maybe add them to the collection.
// This pack contains:
- 360 icons in PNG format (color and silver version)
- 1 psd sample, so you can create own matching icons
- 1 preview

// You are not allowed to upload this pack or its components to your deviantart page!
// You are not allowed to upload this pack or its components to any other page. Please link to the original!
// You are allowed to modify the icons and create your own icons for personal use only!


Ms office Icons 128X128px PNG

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: gorganzola1
Rozmiar: 147 KB
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Here are some 128 X 128 px versions of the icons I made previously in PNG format for all of the mac users out there.


Mark4 Firefox PNG

Autor: chadamus
Rozmiar: 2.0 MB
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This pack contains 12 512x512px High Resolution PNG files for use with a variety of dock programs.


Gadu Gadu – png icons zip

©2009 ~DieMax

Autor: DieMax
Rozmiar: 202 KB
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This is zip of png icons for polish communicator Gadu-Gadu (talk-talk), if you like it then just click download and enjoy 🙂
I have plan to create more 🙂


Modern PNG Pack


©2009 ~Berlin19

Autor: Berlin19
Rozmiar: 8.2 MB
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PNG Pack made with Photoshop CS4
(C) 2009 by Nico Siedler
PNGs in 256 and 512 px available
This Package contains 36 PNGs each size.
There will be more of them soon


Antivirus 360 PNG Icon


©2009 ~ShadowLights

Autor: ShadowLights
Rozmiar: 155 KB
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Needed this to create my Geek Squad vs AV360 wallpaper since I obviously wasn't going to install the program .___.
But since it was finished, I'm going to let you all have the png file to use for practical jokes and what not. If it gets popular enough, I may just put together a collection of other common Malware icons 😉

UTorrent Vista PNG


©2009 ~Magog64

Autor: Magog64
Rozmiar: 15.1 MB
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UTorrent Vista PNG

New Aqua PNG


©2009 ~Samurai3

Autor: Samurai3
Rozmiar: 12.6 MB
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New Aqua-Theme Folder
72 Png´s 512 Pixel incl all Drives OSX 10.5 and all original Folders OSX and my Version from this Folders.
more Goddies and all updates for this Release you can find here [link]
comments and critics are welcome
please respect the copyright and have fun.

iconpack png

©2008 ~webgrafi

Autor: webgrafi
Rozmiar: 120 KB
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icons pack click download png ver.

iR-A -abstract- pack 1 PNG

iR-A -abstract- pack 1 PNG

©2008 ~dgarte

Autor: dgarte
Rozmiar: 178 KB
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First pack: 4 icons. 512x512 px for Leopard icns, abstract shape. Now icons for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.
Second pack coming soon for InDesign, an alternative icon for illustrator and Fireworks icons.
You can download it from [link]
Added PNG versions to download.
Hope you like it!