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Sugar Icons 1.3

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The New release of the Sugar Icon Project brings a sense of control over your desktop, managing colors that matches between them.
Providing a sense of reality and a touch of fun.
Slick design to give the user the feeling of depth of a real object. 
As in the previous version of this icons:
Sugar Icons 1.2
Sugar aims to bring a new evolution to the customizing world, not only on Icon designing.
It Aims to cover all customizing ways possible;
Like GTK+, Gnome-Shell, Android Themes & Win7 Themes.
Obviously, everything at their time. 😉


It contains 16 PNG samples of the icons on the preview.
they are 128x128px.

If you are planning to use this icons on a screenshot, please leave a comment here. 😀

***What's Inside?

Appereance Preferences.
Google Chrome Browser.
Google Maps. (Really don't know what to say about this one 🙁 )
Microphone. (I think it is :P)
Phone. ( I call it "NyanPhone"!! hehe)
Google Play.
Google Play Music.
Screen Preferences.
Sound Preferences (or Speaker Prefs. whatev')
Tumblr Alt. (With a little Heart on it! :3)


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