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File Icons Vs. 3

File Icons Vs. 3

©2007 ~Jrdn88

Autor: Jrdn88
Rozmiar: 14.0 MB
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Project: File Icons Vs. 3
100 different file extensions. Includes 100 PNGs and 100 Icons.
Can also be downloaded via my website [link] . Direct [link]
I have an IconPackage that includes all these File Icons and can be found at my site under the IconPackages tab.
For more projects not shown here please visit my website!
Project Copyright Jm-ArtStudio.com / Jrdn88

Vista Icon Pack for XP „vs. 3”

Vista Icon Pack for XP

Autor: Jrdn88
Rozmiar: 1.9 MB
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- - Vista Icon Pack for XP (vs. 3 ONLY) - -
Here is my last version of icons for vista for awhile. It is entitled "Vista Icon Pack for XP (vs. 3)."
There are 35 icon files and 35 PNG files.
For use on personal computers only.
Please don't repackage as your own.